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Full Version: Emerald Dark-Mustard-theme
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Emerald Dark-Mustard-theme

Theme Original: Emerald Dark


1.- [Image: xtIb1bA.png]

2.- [Image: naswHdE.png]

3.- [Image: 94elmhH.png]

4.- [Image: 080Zrv1.png]

5.- [Image: wqVAATl.png]

6.- [Image: 6Ym9uto.png]


1.- [Image: QoMfZpe.png]

2.- [Image: ABkgLtM.png]

3.- [Image: TL8R4Nr.png]

4.- [Image: 9PIjkiO.png]

5.- [Image: Rova52a.png]

Update: fixed button colors and borders to login in mobile mode

Update: fixed: don't show quote icons
(2020-06-09, 01:27 PM).m. Wrote: [ -> ]^ is it uploaded to Extend Section ?

[owning & managing projects guidance]

I don't think, I was all night with this

a few hours ago I already finished
Omg this is really best