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Full Version: Plugin for Help Desk like?
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Hi, Does anyone know a plugin that makes MyBB become a help desk?

Some important features are

  • a SOLVED / UNSOLVED mark in the title
  • Button to mark a reply as Answer.
  • Email notification to poster.
  • If possible able to post without registering.

Thanks  Big Grin
You can use ABP Solve it!
It doesn't send mail, but this can be added.

About the posting without being registered, this is a setting in your forum permission, no need of a plugin.
Lightbulb  A few options:

MySupport: ( * most of the features you want just like the support forums here on the community use MySupport)

Help Center: (* not necessarily the features you require but it is a help desk if say your desire is for a help desk/ticket system and help docs type route)

TicketSystem: (* not really any of the features you want and has way less features than say help center as far as a ticket system per say but it is a basic ticket system option hence mentioned as another alternative option)

Best of luck! Big Grin
You could use xThreads for it if you are willing to take the challenge.