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Full Version: Looking for sitelinks tutorial
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Hi mybb Community, 

im looking for tutorial about adding sitelinks to my forum, i can't find anything on google only tutorials for wordpress etc...

if anyone know a good tutorial please drop it below.

[Image: dRuZFlE.png]
thanks for reading, 
have a nice day.
As far as I know in SEO perspective, google automatically adds top pages for sitelinks.
As WallBB said, you can not create sitelinks manually, but you can, ofcourse do things to help Google identify important links of your site to get sitelinks generated. Like:
Robots.txt (to guide Google crawler
Simple page structure
Internal linking of impotrant pages, that includes mentioning impotrant site links to your sidebar
Semantic HTML tagging and title declarations
A proper xml sitemap that gets updated regularly

... and all such SEO stuffs.