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Full Version: adapt agreement description fields
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Hi all,

In the admin CP


I can adapt the text that is being shown in the registration agreement.

I have translated the labels in this form, but in the 'description' fields the words
agreement_1, agreement_2 .../ agreement_5 are still being shown.

The language file config_languages.lang.php doesn't contain the variables for these 'description fields'.

Does anybody know where I can adapt the contents of theseĀ 'description fields' ?

they appear from languages.php file (~\admin\modules\config\languages.php) [GitHub Link]
however not sure if they can be changed easily as the variables have the same names !

Thank you.
Yes, I found that too, but since there must be a distinction between the array of variables and the description of the variables (which becomes very clear if you inspect the source of the html-page), I thought it might be stored elsewhere.
They're the language entry keys and don't need translation, if I understand OP correctly.
See the screenprint.

I don't need/want the circled descriptions.
How to remove them ?
Hmm, maybe change this line :
			$form_container->output_row($description, $phrase, $form->generate_text_area("edit[$phrase]", $value, array('id' => 'lang_'.$phrase, 'rows' => 2, 'class' => "langeditor_textarea_edit {$quickphrases_dir_class}")), 'lang_'.$phrase, array('width' => '50%'));
			$form_container->output_row($description, '', $form->generate_text_area("edit[$phrase]", $value, array('id' => 'lang_'.$phrase, 'rows' => 2, 'class' => "langeditor_textarea_edit {$quickphrases_dir_class}")), 'lang_'.$phrase, array('width' => '50%'));

Thank you.
I implemented and tested, and .... it worked as expected: the descriptions are gone.

But it strikes me as odd, that in this case no descrription variable was used,
As far as I can see it is the only place in myBB. So to me it looks that this could be part of the improvement of this 1.8.22 version

The above mentioned descriptions are just raw language keys that don't need translation. See my reply above
If they are shown in the ACP, and myBB is based on a mulitlingual concept, for which the language files are being introduced it is an anomaly that not everything in any UI can be translated. (see the image in my earlier post)