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Full Version: Suggestions Requested
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I want to install on my PC (P4) a simple web server. Since I only want to install MyBB on it to test themes and sytle modificaions, so I am looking for a simple and small webserver which is easy to install, easy to turn on and easy to turn off. Thanx for your suggestions in advance Smile
WampServer. Never had any problems with it, easy executable install. One simple file edit and you set to go.
I just use apache
ELY_M Wrote:I just use apache
But if you want to install MyBB on your localhost, you'll also need to install php and mysql. If you download wampserver like k776 said, it's all included.
wampserver doesn't start mysql for me. The website says it had problem with 98+ME. And I am on 2000.