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Full Version: [polish translation] hidden option Referrals Per Page - no langs in register settings
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With polish ACP translation:

ACP: Home » Board Settings » Login and Registration Options
Quote:Use Referrals System
Do you want to use the user referrals system on these forums?
If the option selected is not is ok (it's in polish), but if we choose yes we will see a new option (in english) which is not in our chosen ACP language - probably it is hardcoded in [attachment=43021]
I've just downloaded the latest Polish translation and it seemed to be working. It looks like it was updated a few minutes ago:

I think the likely cause is the language pack you are using is missing the language string setting_usereferrals in admin/config_settings.lang.php
Yes, I added missing lang yesterday. Topic can close.
Thank you for clarifying! I'm going to mark this report as closed, thank you for raising it though @Poftorek Smile

Please don't hesitate to bring out attention to any other problems!