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Full Version: Newpoints recount per page
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In NewPoints ACP, On clicking Maintainance under NewPoints menu, it shows various options.
1st option is Recount per page.

I don't know what exactly its meaning of per page.

If I kept 100 recounts per page and my board has 1000 members then should I have to PRESS recount button for 10 times to recount my 1000 members NewPoints? OR PRESS one time will recount 1000 members viewpoints?

Thank you.
there will be no need to press the button for multiple times.
plugin takes a number of queries at a time & performs recount until it completes.
Ok...Thanks .m.
If I kept 500 recounting per page and my board has 5000 users than we have to click continue for 10 times.
Rep +1.