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Full Version: Not able to add icon for general browser tabs
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I've  looked through all the directions to add an icon to browser tab when page is opened but have had no success. 
Yes, I've cleared browsing image cache, etc. Tried various size ico files, etc.
Tried through themes standard and advanced in global css, etc. Also tried alternative method loading to root.

All those methods were from 3 years to a decade back. None seem to work.

What's the trick using the newest version of mybb?

Just to be clear... I'm referencing changing the aforementioned, indicated by arrow in attached screenshot. 

[Image: Screenshot-20200720-104325-Chrome.jpg]


Update... all the other methods used did work.
Unfortunately, I've been racking my head against a Google chrome browser that refuses to update any such changes,
All my other browsers show the changes.

So, be advised, Google Chrome is real PITA when it comes to the favicon updates.