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Full Version: MyBB Development Progress in July
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MyBB Development Progress in July

Resolved issues: 5
Merged PRs: 8

  • The oldest issue resolved in this period was  #2391 reported on April 4, 2016. Images couldn't use the align property when using the editor and images with width and height of 0 were allowed.
  • Resolved #4083 where snippets of posts in unapproved threads could be seen by regular users in searches
  • Resolved #4109 where significant characters were not escaped in searches which could lead to unexpected search results appearing.

Top contributors
Thanks to these contributors who created the most merged pull requests this month!
MyBB 1.8.23

This month we released MyBB 1.8.23 which fixed over 100 issues! This release came 200 days after MyBB 1.8.22, check out our release insights page to see how it compares with other versions in the MyBB 1.8 series.

Highlights from 1.8.23 include new support for CAPTCHA types: hCaptcha and reCAPTCHA v3, new support for caches: APCu and Redis and fixing a security issue relating to some sensitive tokens potentially being disclosed via online status.

What issues are affecting your community?

We want to know which issues on our tracker that we haven't tackled yet are most important to you. Please let us know what issue in the backlog you think we should be focusing our attention on and include any details in your reply to this thread.

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