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Full Version: Report Private message plugins Problems Help
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i have installed that plugins from Admin control panel I go in 1 member account (test 1) i send a message to member account test 2)

i Disconect from Test 1 and connect To test 2 i see the message i Decided To Report the private message and is same to not working

i check Down side of the page a box Apear and is outside of template like bug

i Click for report and a message The private message Either does not exist or is not allow to be reported ?

and I have a message wit hthe Box like mybb internal one or more Warning occured Please contact your administrator for assistance..

i will disabled that plugins and Wait the Return if any member can try on a demo Board to See what is the problem

in admin control panel for information in user&group in group registered Waring to Other member are Not Allowed to Send warning I dont think is that and Is not Explain why i have a message mybb internal error and Is out of template.