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Full Version: Idea About lock plugins any can help
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I have some questions I use Ougc Lock plugins and I can allow all member to Buy For 10 Points and they cannot set her own point for the sell content Because i have choose that.. with the lock command i dont as put it on hide..

now my questions is if i use another lock plugins named

and my questions is How i can use that 2 Plugins is the same time without uninstall my idea is to allow all to buy for 10 point and with other plugins is use the hide tag and we can choose Wich Group can use the hide tag and other group are Except And is free for them if you understand the idea i will put Vip Group can Set her own point on the content they sell for point and all normal member are obligated to use the lock command to sell for 10 point only ..

does is possible to rename the second plugins

for lock1.php Like create a new plugins

i have think about replace all lock name in all file of the second plugins for lock1 to see if is working and is not is show me a mysql error when try installing plugins Table already install table mybb_unlock
i am waiting for help is probably possible to have 2 lock plugins and is use the same folder and Loader etc