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Full Version: how to promote and tittle (for Reputation point)
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hi , How is possible to change the Tittle system for Put not the post count but only Point
Example the tittle change on Registered Group User if they have 1 Points Reputation they be member 10 reputation point They be Vip

Just the tittle

Because for Move in another group with promotion system we can but Is not what i find

any have Idea
If you log into your ACP, select Users & Groups and down the left hand side select User Titles. That should be what your looking for if I have understood you correct but if not just let me know.
hi , i know where is the tittle system thanks you i want to replate need to reach some Post limit to be Promote of X Tittle

example member need to have 10 Post to have 1 Tittle i want to replace Post By Reputation point you know the reputation point we have when some member Like your profile

Is possible to replace the system Post by Reputation point needed ?