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Full Version: mybb modification -- extension?? change home page
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Walking through mybb, testing it. Got a few questions.

I'd like to modify the mybb that I run on my own server. I'd like to modify the initial/default page to be a kind of simple "landing" page. The user would be able to see my "stuff/text" as well as have a basic "login/registration"  logic to access the site.

I've seen other forum apps that indicate you can change the default/front page. Can the same be done with mybb? Any pointers to docs on how to accomplish this?

At the same time, I'd like to allow users to upload/read/modify content, sort of like a wiki.

I'm thinking of having an app where users can contribute/rank/create some different text content, as well as manage a list of ideas.

Does mybb have any kind of extension/functionality for allowing users to modify "displayed" text (kind of like wiki function)