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Full Version: Problem with board i think
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hi I dont have change nginx config file or something , but when i am in the board after i think 40-50 min of activity i cannot refresh the page connection has timed out .. i have changeĀ  line in /inc/functions.php past 1 month ago like that



normally is disconect me after 30 min and i need to reconnect

today i have change for 60*300 to made + 2 hours before disconnect i have restart nginx and after 40-50 min i think I have a page is not Refresh is not loading when i try to made action i think is provide of Cookie disconnect of mybb i dont know where is the line to change and if is that .. .but i don't think the problem come of i have change 30 to 300 .. I think is just Disconnect after X time

for solve the problem i need to Close browser and re open and re connect and is working my brownser dont save cookie

or i need to restart nginx etc ..