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Full Version: Force password change Made This plugins Working (Problem)
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i have change manualy to 18* or * the version i have Try to install all file in the proper Root folder I am sure and i have Re verified if i missing something and Not .. when i go in the plugins (admin control panel) i have a white page and error

/inc/languages/english/admin/forcepwchange.lang.php Does not exist and I have verified and the file is in the /languages/english/admin

I dont Understand Why Is made that error if Any can verify That plugins can be a good plugins to have if Example Database Leak or wathever..

finnaly my Error in the Folder The file are Not Correclty named is not Existed i have renamed and is working but when i go in password change i have error page like 2 line but Is same to working ..
That plugin is a bit old, but might still work, not sure.

We actually also have a Forced Reset Password plugin, but this plugin forces all users to reset their passwords, not specific users.
thanks you is working finally i have replied to say