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Full Version: Can't view forum unless logged in
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Hired CMS2CMS to transfer my old forum (IPB) to MyBB 1.8.22. Everything was fine, and anyone could VIEW the forum without being logged in. However, after they fixed a problem with my attachments this morning, now no one can view my forum (including admin) unless they are logged in. 

I checked all the admin parameters, and can't see where the problem is. Everyone has permissions to view whether they are logged in or out. 

Thanks, Marion
Your account permissions while not logged in should be irrelevant.  At that time you're a guest.  Check your forum permissions under Forums & Posts in the ACP.  Check a forum, and the permissions for group "Guests.  View should be an allowed action.

The fact you've done a merge system might change things - so I'd check carefully.  I also see the Merge System documentation recommends you check ALL permissions.