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Full Version: Is there any way to migrate only the data to a new installation?
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I'm trying to migrate mybb forum from 1.6. to 1.8 but I've multiple issues so I've thought to install from scratch and import essential data (I think it would be the post, comments and user) and then customise the forum.

How can do it? Which tables in the db are essential?
MyBB's latest available version is 1.8.24 and the upgrade can be done directly from 1.6. to 1.8.

1. put forum offline
2. take database backup & download any custom files you might be having
3. deactivate all the plugins
4. upload new version files (by overwriting existing files)
5. run upgrade script [visit forum url/install/upgrade.php & follow instructions]

more details => upgrading to MyBB 1.8.x
What were the issues you had? If you install a fresh forum an then import data from the old one, you'd have the same data you had to start with, so if the issues are caused by the data, you'd still have the same issues, and if the issues aren't caused by the data, then it'd be a pointless exercise.
To give a litte context. The page is

I am not the administrator for this page, but the current administrator asked me if I could update the forum because they had some problems (for example, they couldn't reply a post) and he doesn't experience with technology.

I used to code PHP a long time ago so I don't remember how to use. Now, I'm a frontend developer.

I've upgraded the forum from 1.6 to 1.8 , following the guide to do it. But I had some issues with the template so I reverted to the original state of the template but nothing changed and the problems persisted.

So I installed a new theme for 1.8 and some problems disappear but appeared others. For example, in the register page when I click on the button to submit the form, nothing happens... Also, when I reply to someone, there are several PHP warning...

This is the situation, I am not comfortable to deal with all these problems because I don't have a lot of time so I'm looking for an easy way to solve it.
Okay, so these sounds like theme issues more than anything, so I wouldn't recommend trying to do anything with the database because it won't solve any of the problems and you may end up losing data unnecessarily.

The registration form seems to be failing because you have some files from 1.6 still - can you download a fresh copy of 1.8.24 and upload it all over your current files?
Yes, I think so ... do you mean remove all my current files (i will do a back up before to remove) and upload the new version of mybb?.
Because I don't know which files are from 1.6 or 1.8.
Also, I read that the themes are saved in the database, do I need to remove it?
I've overwritten the file in the server with the new version of mybb but the problem still happens
if you can log into forum admin panel then
run file verification tool from below location. what does it report ?
forum admin panel >> tools & maintenance >> file verification

ignore reported images & ignore files reported from install folder & its sub-folders
Nothing outside of install directory.

install/resources/mybb_theme.xml --> changed
install/resources/upgrade51.php --> Missing
I still think there's something wrong with the files somehow, because the AJAX response of the registration security question is this:

<fail>Acción no válida!</fail>

However these <fail> tags were only in 1.6 and not in 1.8, so there must be some old code running somewhere, and this is what's breaking the registration form.
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