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Full Version: Alter the smiley box
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I am currently uploading smiley's to my new forum.
I can't seem to scroll to find the smiley's that I have saved.
This screenshot will tell you what happens.

[Image: hhaa.png]
Since your smiley are large, the display floats out and hence causes issue. There are few different things that you can do -

You can change the template of smiley to either make them display one in line.
Or add a css display block to seperate them in different lines.
Another option is that you reduce the smiley height on newthread and newreply.
One more option is that you can display the smiley box above or below the New Thread in place of showing in left sidebar.

In this case, have no doubt @WallBB is spot on, but thought I'd mention saw something similar a while back.  Although our smilieys were already in place and not over-size, the smiley selector "get more" wouldn't work.  Turning on developer tools revealed a CORS policy violation.  In normal browser mode - the button just wouldn't work.

Only mention in the event someone comes across this topic via search.  And is easy enough to check.