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Full Version: Deviance Dark & Light - Responsive Theme
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Deviance theme has been updated, major bug fixes, the theme has become more responsive in mobile devices, added RTL support, and more.

Feel free to create an account and navigate through the offered design
Thanks Genesis for update.
Your theme is already sweet and you still adding sugar to it.
Thank you.
The theme shall remain on sale until the upcoming week, the price is set to 20$.

sale has ended
Theme has been updated.

FIxed forum width
Fixed last post width
Profile page has been updated, now its fully responsive
I brought this theme for my Hosting Forum Project, Nice and Clean Theme, and also nice and good customer services.
a new documentation has been released, about how to make the theme "Full width Forum", the users who purchased this theme will be able to see it on my forum

This theme is very well-done, the design is eye-catching and relaxing. Easy-to-use and is very extensible. The author makes my life easier and provides an excellent and rapid support.
The theme shall remain on sale for 3 days, the price is set to 17$.

discount has ended
price set to 18$ till saturday

discount has ended
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