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Full Version: New Users Cannot Register Because of Bug
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"The image verification code that you entered was incorrect" is the error new users get when trying to register. I suspect it's because I enabled "Display a hidden CAPTCHA Do you want to display a hidden CAPTCHA field when a user registers? This may prevent spambots from registering on your forum." to prevent spambots from registering on the forum. I have spent a lot of time creating all the forums and even purchased a style (theme) to go with my mybb installation. I really don't want to have to delete everything and use phpbb but if new users can't register then the forum is pointless...

Please help, I saw on github that it seems this bug was patched in 2018 but idk if it was patched incorrectly or if the theme im using has some recaptcha plugin that I didn't install.


Turned off Captcha under configuration > settings > general configuration > from the dropdown, select "NO CAPTCHA"

Turned on Hidden Captcha under configuration > settings > login & registration options > Display a hidden captcha > Yes