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Full Version: SQL error when registering
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Hello, people are getting an SQL error message, when registering on my forum. When they klick on register, everything is fine, they can type in all the information, but as soon as they klick on submit registration, the following error occurs:

[Image: HrV9jTp.png]

does anyone know, what could be the problem?
The error is caused by the Thanks plugin.
Look here
thank you it fixed the bug! But it does not show a thanks button sadly
did you deactivate & reactivate the plugin ?
Can you provide an url (with a test account) ?
Deactivate and reactive the plugin. If that doesn't wok then uninstall-re-install
Try using the original MyBB theme, peharps the plugin didn't succeed editing your theme.
Hello, I did reinstall and deactivate/activate, but nothing happend. And by the way is it supposed to have weird signs instead of an english text? I have taken a screenshot

[Image: screenshot_2020-09-128gjia.png]