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Full Version: Can't change theme for guests
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Hello! Maybe I got this into the wrong category before or something... But I had no luck getting help, so I'm trying again. Why are guests seeing the default myBB theme no matter what I do to change it?


I recently logged out of my forum and noticed that guests do not see the theme they are intended to see (same as everyone else that is). Instead, they see the MyBB default theme.

I have tried to fix this by...
- Force correct theme on all users
- Set theme "default" as default, force it on users, then...
- ...set correct theme as default and force it on all users again.
- Made sure to upgrade to latest version and repeat above.

None of this worked. I am not sure why it doesn't work as it is supposed to. Any ideas on what to do, how to fix this or how to manually force the correct theme?

Thank you in advance,
- Zark

Ohmygod what happened here.

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Hey there buddy.

I just went on your forum as a guest and I can see the theme just fine.
See update in duplicate(?) thread: