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Full Version: Blank White Page : Admin Permissions » Default Permissions
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Please help. when trying to access admin group permissions, what appears is like this.


how to fix it? Huh
Did you try disabling plugins one by one to see if it could be because of a plugin?

Otherwise have a look at your server error logs to know what the actual error is.
I've tried temporarily disabling all plugins. but showed no results. and there is no server error logs on hosting Confused

can't anyone help?

SOLVED by .m.

.m. Wrote:hi,

uninstalling the plugin does not solve it.
problematic file is in a subfolder of admin directory.


file : module_meta.php
line : around 86

$plugins->run_hooks_by_ref("admin_downloads_permissions", $admin_permissions);

change to :
$plugins->run_hooks("admin_downloads_permissions", $admin_permissions);

that should help

best - m