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Full Version: View Group and User in Awaiting Activation Problem
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Hello community!
We have 65 users in "Awaiting Activation". Gid 5

We are a French Forum. So we say: "En attente d'activation".
[Image: vXDr9.png]

But if I go to User, Views and then to "En attente d'activation",
[Image: 7Z5va.png]

there are only 4 users in it (whose account is actually not yet activated) Huh  Huh  Huh
[Image: L8XbA.png]

Why aren't the users in the "Awaiting Activation" list in there? What am I mace wrong?

Please can you help me?
THX in advance,
Did you rebuild cache from ACP (Tools & Maintenance > cache manager)
re Crazycat,
Yes, I do that regularly
Peharps is there a trouble with your view. Something like "post count greater than" filled with 0 (must be empty to get also pple who never posted)
Over the years the groups have been changed, created, etc ... Now it's a complete mess.
I see that there are sometimes different groups in the forum than in MY SQL "mybb_adminviews".
[Image: RYg0A.png]

[Image: L8Zap.png]

There is also another problem:
When calling this page I got an error message:
[Image: dgjNE.png]

Is there any way to create a clean mybb_adminviews?
Or to put it another way: How can I clean up or repair all this chaos?
Looks like you have no default view (usualy, it's the "All users", which have no constrain) and the view displaying the errors have a small trouble: no display field are selected. You can edit (or delete) the views from the view manager, and set one as default.

I think you have two things to do:
- check all your groups, redo them if needed, suppress the useless one,
- check the views, write their rules before (re)creating them.

Views are simply views, nothing else. If you drop them, it won't affect the database, they are just a shortcut to an user search.

P.S.: I'm french too, if you want further explanations or help in french, PM me
Thank you for your help Crazycat!!!
How can I restore the "All Users" view?

I also noticed something else: The users in awaiting activation are not all the same as in our "En atttente d 'activation" group. I do not understand that
The "All users" is simple: create a new view in which you just select the fields to display, without any criteria. And select "Set as default view" and "visibility: Public".

Concerning your view about awaiting activation, you must have criterias which avoid having the full listing.
THX Crazycat,
Now we come to the interesting and weird part:
I create a new group, call it Total Membres, choose a name, last IP etc ... and save. There are exactly 5 users to see ... and I don't understand that ...
[Image: km3o9.png]

I'm doing something wrong, right?
What do you mean with: "you must have criterias which avoid having the full listing"
Can you show the detals of your view ?

What I mean, it's that in "Find users where…" and/or in "Where custom profile fields match…" parts, you may have put some restrictions which limit the results of the view.

Can you give me a temp access to your ACP (via MP) ?
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