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Full Version: User status after xx threads automatically in the next status?
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Hello community,
I'm looking for a solution, Users who have more than xx threads should automatically get a different status.
In our forum, new users have the status "I'm new" at the beginning. If they are active and have more than 8 threads, they (currently) manually get the status of normal member.
Is there a possibility (script?) To have this step carried out automatically?

THX in advance for your help!
You can use the "User promotion" ( Home » User Group Promotions » Add New Promotion).
You won't have the "is active" option, but you can choose number of posts, threads, time online, ...
Will the User Titles work for you? They can be set up to change automatically after X posts are made:

[Image: dba2840b5d56eedc6c70f14ff112f3d5.png]
Thank you both for your help! I think I'll use the user promotion. Just set up Wink
Have a good day,