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Full Version: Bauble Name Plugin Problems?
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Plugin link:

Can anyone update this plugin for mybb version 1.8.24?
I could not find the plugin's settings in the panel.
I want to show the pictures of the bots separately.
I didn't complete the coding of this plugin, but whatever is there available is fully functional.
Please state your exact problem so that I can troubleshoot.
Hello Effone can you tell me please how can i show a avatar list in as showing it in memberlist area ?

i added a <td> and add a <img src=""> value that i creat a avatar row and column for showing a avatar list , but by default or for some reason it's only showing default avatar not the exact members avatar.

here is the link of my online.pge link
You need to identify the spider ID (number) as saved from ACP.
Then you have to choose suitable avatar image for that Spider and rename it with the id (example: 22.png, 36.jpg etc...)
Last, you need to upload your created avatar image to your host's uploads/avatars/spiders directory.
Then only the avatar for that particular spider will show up.

This is a manual process. Once per spider.
i have installed your Baubles plugin also , but as you saying its not working in online.php , and you please can describe the matter of spider id !
The plugin doesn't have panel settings?
I don't want avatars to be shown in some places.
Users' avatars are not visible in online.php.
I can't remember whether I covered online.php or not.
I need to revisit the work and do required changes to suit your needs.
ok tell me then what codes shoud i add in online.php file and thereafter when i will use {$useravatar['image']} in who's online template it will show the avatar of users as they have saved. Because it has already available in memberlist.php file.

see i have used this img src in my template as avatar representing :-
<img src="{$useravatar['image']}" style="margin-top: -18px;width: 30px; height: 30px; border-radius: 400px; transition: all 1s;text-align: center;" title="{$mybb->user['username']}" onError="this.src='{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/images/default_avatar.png';">
online.php doesn't fetch individual user avatar.
Your best bet is only to use a plugin that can add this capability.