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Full Version: When i was trying to display Prefixe filterd by using Xthread some error appears .
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I just installed Xthread plugin and trying to show the Prefixe in forumdisplay thead list area with edit the templates...
Like this.... after {$multipage} i just add the following line.

<a href="{$forumurl_q}filterxt_prefix=6">Prefixe name </a>

and it show the Prefixe name .

When i clicked the link it's show me the result and i got it to work. But the problem is it's showing me this error in the page .
Try to download from the repository:
it's showing same , not changed anything , i uninstalled the plugin and re upload the plugin as downloaded from the github link.
Please paste your full active plugin list.
[Image: IMG-20201031-092440.jpg]
[Image: IMG-20201031-092413.jpg]
[Image: IMG-20201031-092349.jpg]
Which MyBB and xThreads version do you use?
i am using current latest version of mybb and also using mybb default theme and using the Xthread plugin which in the link of github that you gave me.