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Full Version: attachment icon
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Is there an existing way to display an attachment icon for the threads in threadlist?
Do you mean like a thread icon (named folder icon actually) which shows which threads has an attachment? If it is that what you mean, then no, there is not yet an existing way.
I don't know if it's possible in an easy way, but I'll check.
Stay tuned...
Yes like this:

... and many other boards which display a small icon for it.

its not easy I see. There is an realy nice mysql select needed to get this ;-)
Ok, I've got this working.
It adds a small paperclip icon behind the thread subject.
Thx I only changed:

find_replace_templatesets("forumdisplay_thread", '#\$prefix \$gotounread#', '$thread[attachmenticon]$prefix $gotounread');

$thread['attachmenticon'] = " <img src=\"$theme[imgdir]/paperclip.gif\" alt=\"\" style=\"float: right;\" border=\"0\" />";

so it floats on the right side.
same problem for me i need to show attachment on forum threats ,
Quote:find_replace_templatesets("forumdisplay_thread", '#\$prefix \$gotounread#', '$thread[attachmenticon]$prefix $gotounread');

$thread['attachmenticon'] = " <img src=\"$theme[imgdir]/paperclip.gif\" alt=\"\" style=\"float: right;\" border=\"0\" />";
i soppose this code not working new templates , is i new code for use ?
i need show forum likes as this -
[Image: phpbattachment.jpg]
Where did you get the plugin??
The link isn't working.
What Mark M said, I was about to state that. Please people, don't gravedig!