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Full Version: Plugin Section completely empty when updating plugins
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There where updates available for Thanks-you-like system (3.3.8) and Google Analytics (2.0). After I disabled these two plugins and uploaded the files by FTP, the plugin section in admin is completely empty.

I'm running MyBB 1.8.24

I found a post from 2015 with a similar problem:

I deactivated the following two files in inc/plugins:


by adding an underscore


It didn't help. I uploaded the previous versions again of both Thanks-you-like system (3.3.7) and Google Analytics (1.7), but it didn't help either.

Tried again to optimize all tables in the database and then the plugins was visable again. Took a new back up of the database before I just deactivated the Google Analytics plugin and uploaded the new files, then the plugin section in admin is completely empty again. Deactivated the Google Analytics plugin again and uploaded the files of the previous version (1.7). Optimize all tables in the database and then the plugins was visable again.

Deactivated the Thanks-you-like system plugin and uploaded the new files (3.3.8) and activated the plugin again without any problem.

It looks like there is a bug in the Google Analytics plugin (2.0).
The white page is the result of a PHP error from one of the files you recently uploaded in /inc/plugins. Although the plugins are deactivated, they are still loaded on the plugins page itself so that MyBB can gather information from them. Try briefly renaming the inc/plugins/pluginname.php files to pluginname.php.txt, allowing MyBB to skip them, and see if the error disappears. If this doesn't work, temporarily move the files outside of the plugin directory entirely.

This will give you an idea of which plugin is causing the error.
Thanks DA, you were faster then me writing the update of post #1 Smile

It's the Google Analytics plugin (2.0) that cause the problem.

Please see above in the update of the post #1.