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Full Version: Mybb forum and wordpress in the same database
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Our primary site is a mybb forum which is located at the home directory. Now for member's help and support we are looking to install a blog along with it (in / blog directory).

Now the problem is that, currently our hosting package does allow us two databases. And the forum is making much money so we won but be able to move the site to a new host until next year.

So, for the time being we were hoping that maybe we can install wordpress along with mybb in the same database (for now). And split it in the future whenever we can. The blog database size will not be an issue because it will only get an article published once in every month or so. I have a wordperss websiste:
There is no problem to use the same database: use different table prefixes for MyBB and WordPress and it's all right.
you can Install wordpress and mybb on same database only for seprate connections Create New Database User for Database