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Full Version: Looking for anyone that can create this
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I really need a plugin like the following example below:

[Image: dZN5Ibr.png]

so users will be able to report a thread as "working" or "not working". 

Comment your discord tags (or any way I can message you) below. Payment will be involved. 

if you want i am at your service
Email : [email protected]
Telegram ID : @MostafaShiraali
That's a nice idea, I actually might look into making something similar and make it available on (with an affordable membership). I'll keep you posted.

Edit: started work on it, logic is mostly done, buttons are showing up on the original posts:

Should be completed soon Smile

Payment on modmybb is only possible through PayPal and major credit cards at the moment.

Edit 2: Progress so far:
Now working on making the Ajax call rerender the templates with updates.
If you can involve what payment method, it might attract more plugin coders.
Hello @RealSirMeme We have developed the plugin and it is available for an affordable price at ModMyBB.

View the plugin thread on MyBB or view the details at ModMyBB.

Let me know if you have any suggestions, you can try a live demo right here:

It is setup to use ajax, so once the working / not working button is pressed, the page will automatically update the report status on the thread without requiring a page reload.