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Full Version: Download Section/Shop
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I was wondering if someone would make a Download Section that uses the cash/points mod that is already made for the current version of mybb ...

Basically it could be just like the current download section mod just want an option to charge them x amount of points/money and the users can submit downloads and charge money ... The money doesn't need to go to the people that submited the download unless you really want to go into it and make it do that...

PM me if you think you would want to do this ....
I use Cash mod in my forum, but I'd like to see some plugin that uses those virtual credits. I quote this request... ;-)
Or a mod that require members to pay "cash" in order to view a attachment??
there needs to be more plugins that use the cash mod ...

If i new how to make plugins i would make the download section/shop that uses it myself but i dont ... If i knew how to make plugins i would also make plugins that worked with it but i don't so someone please make this plugin and if you want make some more plugins that use the points that the cash mod gives you ....
There are any news about this mod suggestion? It would be nice if someone realize it... :-)
Syst3m Crash3r 480 Wrote:There are any news about this mod suggestion? It would be nice if someone realize it... :-)

This would be a GREAT! Plugin please someone make it!

Either make it or would you at least write a guide on how to make the current download section able to charge for items ...

Again i would like it to have the following options i hope im not asking of too much but lots of people will like this mod ...

- Have a Download Section Page
- Have conrtols in Admin CP like current download section
- Be able to charge Money for items
- Veiw who submited the item
- Compatible with current Cash Mod
- Money from buying item goes to the user who submited (optional)
- Veiw how many times download has been downloaded (optinal)
- User able to hide his/her name (optinal)
- Have a picture of the item (optional)

If you would please make this! The optionals are ok if not done but GREAT! if done .. basically i just want it like the current download section but be able to charge money using the current Cahs mod
There will be a number of significant feature improvements to the download section when I release version 2 of the plugin. I wasn't planning on integrating it with the cash mod by default however, as not everyone will have use for it and will only require the stand-alone download section. Perhaps a bridge will be provided between the two mods in the future, although I can't promise anything.
What about a kind of shop mod (by which an user can buy special stuff using cash)?