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Full Version: Do we have anything for urls posted in the forum?
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Do we have anything (plugin or something like that) for urls posted in the forum? I mean if a tweet url gets posted then the tweet itself gets highlighted or if somebody posts any url then post gets highlighted.
Maybe my Link Tools plugin could be adapted to do something like that, but right now it doesn't.
Okay, can a request for such a plugin be placed?
I don't see why not. My coding priority right now is MyConversations, but at some point I might return to Link Tools and add this sort of support - perhaps a little framework for "link helpers" which would support various actions for various link types in posts, such as pulling in tweets or highlighting posts with certain (or any) links, as you've requested. In the meantime, if anybody else wants to add that sort of support to Link Tools, I'd accept a well-coded pull request to its GitHub repository:
Created a thread. Here is the link.