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Full Version: PLEASE HELP internal error message
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When I go to my forum webpage I get a message that says "MyBB Internal: One or more warnings occurred. Please contact your administrator for assistance." I am using the latest version of MyBB and the /admin is working well and not showing any errors. I am just in the process of getting this forum up and running and I am stumped. PLEEEEEEEEEASE someone take pity on me

Also does anyone know how I can put my own banner at the top of the forum? 
Hi ,i had same error message after i added plugin. Disable the last plugin which u added ,maybe the error will disappear. In my case i disabled the problematic plugin and that error disappeared .
To find the problematic plugin i had to disable the plugins one by one and refreshing the forum site, when i disabled the problematic plugin the error disappeared.
You can check the Apache log on your server to see if there is any feedback.

grouparrow is right, it is often caused by a faulty plugin. Delete/Disable the last plugin(s) you installed/activated, and your board should work again.