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Full Version: SCEditor plan
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I love the editor but one major issue is it seems like the main guy for SCEditor hasn’t been around for two years…And don’t see any major releases coming any time soon. There are open bug reports for XSS in the core editor itself.

The editor probably should be forked maybe called SCEditor2, I know we don't need more work but there is a good software that also uses this editor.

We will eventually drop that pain in our...
Thats the plan.
Stay tuned.

Hi Jon... Wtzup
Ok, I didn't know it was causing issues! Just giving a heads up. Just did a neat addon for it for giphy support on my createmybb hosting site.
Yes, SCeditor is the worst thing in MyBB Big Grin please replace!
We have actually forked it to provide some updates that we had outstanding as bugs but couldn't fix without the author creating updates. We just plan to roll it out in further 1.8 versions to fix some of those annoying bugs that have been around for a while.
Cool, is that in the mybb repo on github?
(2021-01-08, 02:23 PM)vbgamer45 Wrote: [ -> ]Cool, is that in the mybb repo on github?