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Full Version: Switched from Windows to Linix
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Last night i wanted to finally switch over form using MyBB on Windows to Linux.

Saved the mbbb www folder and the sql file onto a usb flash drive.

I reformatted my server hard drive from window 10 to Linux Mint 20 cinnamon

windows I was using Wamp as web server
Linix im using xampp web server

I installed a firewall and made sure that port 443 was the only thing opened by doing this with root commands

So I uploaded from the usb to phpmyadmin the sql file on linux xampp
uploaded the mybb folder from the usb to the htdocs inside xampp
made sure that the ssl and port 443 and directory was correct

I dont know what else needs to be done here. I am completely new to Linux.

Here is the link to the mybb forum here

it's not working......

Can anyone here who knows linux mint 20 what I can do to fix this problem PLEASE remember go slow with me cause its all new. BABY BABY steps !!! Big Grin
Enable error logs in ACP. Show us its contents.
The trouble can com from files (or directories) permissions or a misconfig
Are you able to access your forum using the host IP?
Out of curiosity, are you using your own computer hard drive to host the website? If yes, then why ?
@Crazycat & @WallBB

The problem has been finally fixed, the ssl (https) certificate was the culprit in the end.

Thanks so much for all your help and solutions guys !!!