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Full Version: Registration "issue"
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Hey MyBB community,

I want to ask a little question.

In the registration screen on my forum, it asks for a password, but in the second password field, it does not say "confirm password".
It does say "confirm Email" in the lower text box :/

How do i fix this?

I am running MyBB 1.8.24


[Image: 9g69p6y.png]
Hi, I would recommend to you to change your theme with new one which is well maintained.
Link of themes :

I recommend you themes: Flatty, emerald, , Square, focus, ,BootBb ,igame ,,myipb theme,,Volare responsive, this is some very well maintained themes and you will not have such issues with the recommended themes .
I would recommend also to avoid themes 2-3 years old

However, if you want to fix the current issue, if I am in your place I will do the following :

Step 1: go in admin panel - Templates & Style - templates - Default templates - member templates - member_register.
Copy everything in member_register and paste everything in empty text document on your dekstop (without changing anything in the template codes)

Step 2: go back to Templates & Style - templates - your theme templates - member templates - member_register.
Delete everything but before deleting - copy the content and save it on empty text document on your dekstop, in case you need the codes back.

Step 3: after you make sure member_register in your custom theme is empty, copy/paste the content which you have copied in step 1 and paste it there and save.

P. S probably it will change little the look of the registration page but I think it should fix your issue. However, if your theme is 2-3 years old u would have other errors and problems probably in future, because such themes I doubt is well maintained.

I just try to help, I recommend using new theme 2020, as I recommend in the link above.

Good luck.
Please can you link us to your forum?
Hey guys, sorry for the late response.
Yes, it's fixed by switching themes. 🧡
Yeah you can compare default theme templates with custom ones to fix all that tupe of issues.

Making the changes manually all the times.

Do you still need further support with this? Let us know if so Smile