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Full Version: Could I embed a video from PPPoker?
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This is my first post here and I'm not sure if here is the right place. Sorry if don't.

Are there a way to embed this video at my forum?

This content can be embedded to your forum using an iframe
<iframe src="..." width="..." height="..." ...></iframe>

If you want such contents to be available within posts, create an MyCode to gnerate an iframe then.

TY @[ExiTuS], I'm happy to know that but some good soul can help me with a 'how to'? The only thing I know is where to create the MyCode.  Angel

I made this  forum do study with friends but I'm a 52er old man who don't know nothing about dev or coding.

Testing Iframe:

<iframe src="" width="696" height="928"></iframe>

I believe my problem is:

Quote:If you want such contents to be available within posts, create an MyCode to gnerate an iframe then.

Unfortunately I don't know how to do it, would I get any help at this point?
To create a new MyCode for iframes, try this one for example...

Regular Expression:
That's the easy way for an element with one single parameter.

<iframe src="$1" frameborder="1" width="100%" height="800"></iframe>
$1 is the value to be replaced by the URL given in the expression. Play arounf with borders, width and height to fit your needs.

Now users can use the following MyCode in posts:

TYVM @[ExiTuS], that worked but I found a strange bug. I did this:


<iframe src="$1" frameborder="1" width="425" height="568></iframe>

And I'm testing with this code:

Now I can see the table in the topic, but everything below is missing, including the text, the forum controls are gone, there are no more buttons like MP, Search, Edit and etc ..., nor quick response or anything below the post . Please take a look at this:

(link removed)

Yeahhhh... got it... The " after height="568 is missing...

Solved and thank you very much!!! You are great!!!

[x] Close the topic and ban the user Big Grin
The regular expression must be:
Only when posting this MyCode the individual URL is inserted within.

OK, saw this is now working on your forum as desired.