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Full Version: 2021 - User friendly image uploads and user ftiendly smilies
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Hi Everyone!
Getting back to one of my forums after 3 years break. 
So I'm exploring different options to upgrade or to tune my forum to standards 2021. 
So please advice 

  1. Yes, I'm using one of old mobile themes with some tweaks, but Why not getting mobile theme out of the box? Not a major drama for me, since my old mobile theme is better than nothing. But I believe serious problem for many other mybb users. 
  2. Direct image uploads. Is there any way to enable direct easy and simple image uploads? Without having hustle with 3rd party hosting services. Sure we can use attachments, but this is possibly only in full not a quick reply. Come on guys, we not in stone age. Very most of cheap hosting servers will allow such a load in this days. What it should be like on FB or any other social network. You take your photo on your mobile, click upload button while posting message and that's it. 
  3. Smilies compatible with android and iphone internal smiles. This should be on default. If any extra smile in editor, why not. But default smiles on mobile keyboard should be enabled. Otherways we have a huge ammount of ugly, not user friendly smilies good as an IT history but not what's people using in 2021. 

I do like mybb. I apreciate it is free. I apreciate all developers, mostly doing it as a hobby. I Appreciate very much. But lets not become ageing dieing out breed. We need teenagers start coming visiting our forums, but I can hardly imagine them using them forums without such a needed tweaks. Even my old time forum users somewhere in mid 40s are crying out for them changes. 

And yes any help at least regarding posting images in easy way greatly apreciated. 
Many thanks 
1st- upload the new version of mybb
2nd- if you have installed plugins ,check if there is updates for your plugins and update
-popular plugins:
3rd - check the new mybb themes and select new theme (updated last 2020)

Good luck
Hey Alhimika,

Welcome back after your few years break, there is a few things that you should do as soon as you can including updating to the latest MyBB version as we will have fixed numerous security issues since you were last here.

1. We have announced MyBB 1.9 which will be shipping with a new and responsive (mobile adapted) theme. This also brings a large number of other updates that have admitedly been long overdue.
2. This isn't currently planned as far as I can remember, but you can suggest new features in this section.
3. I can totally agree the similies we use at the minute are outdated somewhat and these will also be updated in the release of 1.9.

Thank you for your appreciation and ackowleding that we are doing this for free, but there is also no doubt that MyBB is lacking in some areas which we are looking to began to change with 1.9 as I previously mentioned.