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Full Version: [RESOLVED] Edit Button not functioning
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I was working on a new theme and now my edit button on posts isn't working. It displays but isn't working.

I have NOT edited Postbit_edit templates
I have NOT edited Postbit templates

I think there might be a javascript somewhere that got removed or edited by mistake. Anyone know where these are located? Or any other codes that might affect the edit? Specifically the ones that might cause the edit button not to work. I also reverted my footer template back to the previous version because I saw somewhere that this could affect it. 


edit: error was in the CSS
Does the issue occur with the default theme?
(2021-01-11, 02:42 AM)dragonexpert Wrote: [ -> ]Does the issue occur with the default theme?

Nope. Just the one I'm working on. But I can't figure out where the problem is.
Most likely you have some javascript error in your codes.
Keep an eye at your console or give us your url to dig further ...