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Full Version: Nonstop (growing) errors in inspect element
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Today i notice that I have nonstop errors showing in inspect element and they are growing every minute,if i stay more on the forum the more errors will show, pic:
I am using the last version of mybb.

The multiple non stop errors is caused by:

i don't know what is that and where i can find it.

My site:

These errors are because of your cdn,and Cannot read some files at that moment
how to fix that?
If it was permanent change your CDN
from what i see ,the errors are caused because the cdn can't read the link , i think if i delete the link it will be just fine ,the problem is that i don't have idea where exactly is that link
Use any database administration tool and search all theme templates for the dead link:
SELECT title FROM mybb_templates WHERE template LIKE '%belugacdn%';
Then edit the template (check what is this link is about) and remove it.

If you can't find any result within templates, check JavaScript code (<script>...</script>) or files (*.js) and search this string as well.


PS. Do not rely on resources of third party webservices. Better host everything yourself if possible.
Thanks Exitus it worked ,i removed the errors but now ,when i am clicking to change the theme ,it's slower 1 second ,i know 1 second is not that big deal but i have also messages in inspect element, 11 messages Big Grin

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