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Full Version: Default Postbit Horizontal layout for New User
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I am usingĀ 'Postbit Layout Per Theme' plugin but it forced the user to apply selected layout and user can not change to another postbit layout through user cp.
I notice that after registration, users have by default horizontal postbit layout.

Is it possible to apply classic postbit layout by default without a plugin?

Thank you.
For that I am using Postbit layout per theme. It is working as above tutorial.
As, I mentioned in first post, at present when new users have default horizontal postbit layout if I am not wrong.
I want default apply of classic postbit layout for new users and also user can change postbit layout through USERCP.

Hope you get my point.
Go AdminCP>>Configuration>>Show Thread Options>>Post Layout
Ohh... Thanks. I missed it.
+1 for this.