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Full Version: Awaiting Activation SQL Error: 2006
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Before starting, I apologize for my English, which is not very technical.

I wanted to ask for help to fix the following error message:

MyBB SQL Error
MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.

SQL Error:
2006 - MySQL server has gone away
SELECT u.uid, u.username, u.regdate, u.regip, u.lastactive,, u.coppauser, a.type AS reg_type, a.validated FROM mybb_users u LEFT JOIN mybb_awaitingactivation a ON (a.uid=u.uid) WHERE u.usergroup='5' ORDER BY u.regdate DESC LIMIT 0, 20

This message only appears to me when I enter the section of Awaiting Activation in Users & Groups.

I searched the forum and found a similar problem on this topic: but apparently it is different and it was not clear to me if I should contact my hosting or solve it by doing something in the cpanel.

Could you help me with any ideas or suggestions to try?

Forum Info:
  • MyBB Version 1.8.24
  • PHP Version 5.6.40
  • SQL Engine MySQL 10.2.33
  • Server Load 7.54
Hello ,i don't have developer knowledge,
However, if i am in your place ,first what i would do is to create backup (just in case something get worse when i am trying to fix the issue)

Second: I will go in inc/config.php and inc/settings.php and i will check the database details ,domains,admin directory and etc if is correct writen there.

Third, i will look if my current host have a forum (the most of the host sites have community forum) and i will post topic there as well.
This is a server issue, the connection to MySQL has been lost, if it's a recurring issue you will need to contact your hosting provider.
Judging by server load, it doesn't surprise me that the MySQL server went away. Your server load should really not go above 1.0. If you are on shared hosting it is possible that one or more of the accounts on the server is using more than their fair share of resources. You will want to contact your webhost and they can troubleshoot further.
Yeah hadn't noticed that. However it depends on how powerful the server is and how many cores it has though.

Also curious if there's a reason you're running PHP 5.6? Should be no reason not to use 7.4 these days. Makes me wonder if this is an old oversold server or something.