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Full Version: Active user count
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What would explain the difference between ACP dashboard reporting 66 Active Users and Who was online today? reporting 83 users.

Online today counts the last 24 hours. What time frame does ACP dashboard use?

Of course, I could dive deep into the code, but was hoping for a faster answer. Smile

Running 1.8.24
It would likely suggest one uses the timeframe for the previous 24 hour period and the other perhaps uses the calender day.
They both go by the last 24 hours, however the who was online today count is based on the "last active" date, and the ACP count is based on the "last visit" date.

As for the difference - "last visit" is the most recent time you "entered" the forum (as in started a browsing session), and "last active" is when you last did anything. So if you came online at 12:00 and had been active clicking around/posting etc for 30 minutes, your last visit would be 12:00, and your last activity would be 12:30. If you're inactive for 15 minutes, it counts your next activity as a new "visit".

So, depending on how long people were online for would then determine how many would fall within the 24 hour cut off for each one. I honestly don't know why it uses a different column for each statistic, though.
Ok, so I can see how Time Online is derived. But Who was online today based on "last active" should not show such a difference from ACP's count based on "last visit", unless Active Users includes something more than just showing up. Current numbers are 90 and 72 respectively.

I'll put this onto my list for a rainy day. is a good reference for code diving.