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Full Version: Random wisdom plugin
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Do we have any other plugin similar to this one?

Unfortunatelly this particular one is out of date. 

Ideally I'd like to display some random wisdoms on index page one of sideboxes.

BAM announcements manager can do this via Random mode (select a random header announcement/bar from a list and display on the index). Although they show in the header by default, the templates can be modified to make it display wherever you need (sidebox, etc). Does your theme come with a sidebar already, or are you using a plugin to manage them?
We have one but not public - - check the bottom part of page

Maybe we will release it soon.
Thanks when I have a bit more I will give it a try to BAM announcement manager.
Even I think it's a bit overkill.
If not I will try to frok that old plugin and to see what can be fixed.
The only thing not sure about rights
In fact Schon gewusst plugin is still working ok
I will not be bothered forking since this is easy fix

Line 11 in admin/modules/config/gewusst.php missing quotes in line with php 7.2
Probably working fine with aerlier versions

then style / edit text input in your theme template gewusst. As / if you wish

then ad {$gewusst} in any template div or TD of your template.
On default this will be in index

I did try BAM announcement manager, But this is overkill, not as intended and not convenient to manage. Probably good for announcements, but not for random text