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I have this plugin installed but I want to know if someone has any plugin so that the user can through the points of the store, buy changes of nicknames, or modifications of the color of the nick, things like that, can someone help me? Currently this plugin only serves me to accumulate points, I can not find anything else to add to it, if someone has modules compatible with NewPoints please help me! Thanks
¿Nobody can help me?
(2021-03-15, 08:31 PM)A_Joycel Wrote: [ -> ]¿Nobody can help me?

ie: NewPoints Buy Usertitle and Username plugin 1.2 * only requires newpoints ** also seems to be what you are looking for as per your request

[Image: New-Points-Buy-Username-and-or-Usertitle-1.png]

[Image: New-Points-Buy-Username-and-or-Usertitle-2.png]

[Image: Forums-Profile-of-censor-deeznutz.png]

there was at least two plugins back in the day similar to what you wanted, one called "NewPoints Buy Usertitle and Username plugin" [attachment=43943] shown in the screen above and I think the last version I ever saw was, 1.2?? though the attachment of such works fine on 1.8 as you can see from the screens and the other was called "New Points Buy Format." though I think the last version I ever saw of that was 1.0??? though I would have to dig through old drives to see if I could find that one, and while I am not sure if either are still avail at author site as they may no longer be avail, dunno, though one could simply look there.

ok, I forgot you could say just grab the buy format plugin from omars github: * and say ask the author (Omar G) to correct issues pertaining to lines #221, #591, #664 and also the issue with plugin library not being found when present or else fix such yourself as after such fixes the plugin works fine as you can see from screens below. Wink

ie: buy format plugin [attachment=43947] ** also seems to be what you are looking for as per your request

[Image: Buy-Format.png]

[Image: New-Points-Buy-Format-Forums.png]

[Image: Forums-Profile-of-vintagedaddyo.png]

you may also find this one of interest:

Newpoints Buy-Sticky Plugin

 * requires newpoints and newpoints shop:

also there is a manual template addition to global templates required after installation:

new global template title: newpoints_buy_sticky_option
<td width="{$width}%">
	<form action="{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/newpoints.php" method="post">
		<input type="hidden" name="action" value="do_shop">
		<input type="hidden" name="shop_action" value="buy_sticky">
		<input type="hidden" name="iid" value="{$item['iid']}">
		<input type="hidden" name="postcode" value="{$mybb->post_code}">
		<input type="submit" name="submit" value="{$lang->newpoints_buy_sticky_redeem}">

Also there are also these other newer plugs  while not exactly what you wanted they touch on the subject: * requires newpoints and shop * requires newpoints, shop and ougc awards

anyhoo, I am sure there are some I missed to list, but yes there are options out there.  
Best of luck!
Thanks u a lot bro! I´m going to try it!

And if is not a problem, can u share with me ougc-custom-username-item plugin? I can´t download from the page ! Thanks!