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Full Version: Are there ways to offer to pay for a quick answer or make offers, etc?
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If we suspect an answer is probably a quick one but it seems like the question got lost in the shuffle, can we offer to pay someone for a speedy answer?  Alternatively are there any paid support options, or any options at all when it's a pretty basic question but the answer is needed quickly while I have time to work on my boards?  I'm running out of time today and the question I asked this morning still isn't answered, and seems pretty basic.  Can I Quickpay somebody 20 bucks to help me solve it real quick?  (I'm thinking it's an answer some people just know off the top of their head, but I'll go up if need be)

To be clear I mean questions like "is there another area I need to make an edit besides the ones I did?" and things like that for pretty simple tweaks and edits.  I don't mean in depth troubleshooting of problems/errors.  I'm happy to offer to pay for people's time, but I'm not sure "how" or "where" to do that?
It's not really feasible - we're only volunteers so have jobs, even if we were paid for priority support we can't physically be available to provide it, as it wouldn't bring in enough to cover a full time salary.

If it's this thread you're referring to, I wouldn't say it's basic, personally I haven't got a clue and would have to read through the code and try it out on a test board to figure it out most likely.
Ok no problem, I was just checking.

I just figured out that issue in that thread. It turns out I had to manually load the URLs to the two edited CSS files for the SCeditor in my browser, then click refresh on them, then go back to the site and refresh the page and the changes WERE all working the entire time. Simply refreshing the site alone wasn't working. I'll update that thread accordingly in a few.