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Full Version: A Request to Mybb Forum Admin
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Move my post if it's inappropriate to this sub-forum. Dodgy

I would like to make a request to the community and specially to the admins.

Please please add 'Mention Me' or of such sort plugin along with 'MyAlerts' or of such sort plugin in this forum.

It is becoming extremely hard to let someone know that I am asking for his or herĀ help.
It's not the sort of thing we'd add here as we try to keep this board mostly stock, with some exceptions like MySupport.

We also wouldn't really want people to be bombarded with mentions asking for help - people are busy and have other things to do and get to threads when they can. If you need to get in touch with someone directly you can PM them, but constantly trying to get people's attention is usually considered bad etiquette.
Even if your frustration is valid I won't be sure a tag and alert system would necessarily mitigate it. I won't assume the primary reason people don't respond to inquiries to be because they didn't read the inquiry or get to know about it, for example.
Most of the support forums for other languages customize the forums with custom themes and plugins, so it's definitely not unheard of. Being that MyAlerts and DVZ mentions are both made by MyBB staff, it's certainly probably easier to implement than otherwise.

The main issue with not keeping it stock is that people might install a fresh board and not see alerts/mentions included out of the box. One approach would be to have several "official plugins" made by MyBB staff (MyAlerts, DVZ Mentions, etc) - and that would make it much easier for people to find out how to quickly add these features to their own forums.