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Full Version: how do I setup DB on my VPS?
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- I'm trying to create a database for MyBB.
- I have Windows Server 2019
- I have XAMPP Version: 7.4.16
- by default, MySQL is installed.

* I'm not sure of the steps to create DB stuff for my forum?
* I have tried to use phpmyadmin, but I'm not sure how to create the needed config correctly
* can you please help with the steps for this DB thing?

* please note I tried to follow the steps from: but it's a bit not clear since these are for linux, and I'm Windows + webpage of phpmyadmin
If you're using phpmyadmin now, must have a root or privileged account already set up?  This is a decent tutorial - link.  Not the only way, but should work.  I'd stay away from Global Privileges and other settings though.  Just create your user and database.  MyBB will use those settings.

Been decades since I used MS, so will leave for others to fill in blanks associated with that.
I created the user and the database; I faced problems previously and after reinstalling XAMPP things worked (which are typical to the steps in the above link).... Also please note you actually will need to give needed privileges (I simply selected all of them).
Pretty sure grant all privileges is in the link.  Wouldn't do it that way myself.  On a Linux host, I'd use the command line. Toungue

Good you got it sorted though.