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Full Version: Where’s the “get host” button?
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I thought I saw a "get host" button at the MyBB site, but now I can't find it.  Can you help me find it, or did I see it someplace else?
I never saw such a thing as part of this site or domain as a whole.    Although I've seen the odd thread on hosting.  Which I assume you mean.  Nothing else makes any sense - to me anyway. Wink
The 10+ years old threads about free hosting have almost all of those providers out of business.
The free business model is almost done, although there are still some to be found using a little google fu.
There are some hosting providers with inexpensive plans that might work, but it will require some advance knowledge to fall within their specifications. Some of that will fall into the WAG category.

Some questions need answers.
1. Domain name registered or subdomain perhaps as part of the package.
2. File storage. Unlimited is a misnomer, even for paid plans. I ran into a 265K file count limit
3. Database size limit. A single forum needs only 1 database.
4. Bandwidth limits - speed and traffic volume
5. Email transport. May or not be included in a free package.

MyBB 1.8.26 starts at 8.6MB of files, but will increase with themes, plugins, attachments and avatars uploaded. Figure on 250MB minimum for starters.

Database size on a new installation is less than 2MB, but content will make it grow. A reasonably mature forum could hit 400MB, although it might take a while to hit that. Figure on 100MB size minimum.

If you're looking for a platform to experiment with and/or have an idea to start out small, that's good. Over the years, forum growth for me has forced new hosting specifications.

I was running on, now called for a few years before moving to GoDaddy shared then VPS.

Good luck on your venture.

WAG - Wild lime Guess < grin >
Can you please stop bumping decade old threads about free hosting.

Realistically, you're not going to find decent free hosting, because it's free for a reason. If you're serious about running a forum, you should be able to fork out $5-$10/mo for some basic shared hosting.